District 1 Save to Pave Program

We have some good news in that our save to pave program now has around $200K, which can fund a mile, so we are now ready to select and begin preparation of our first mile.

At our last town hall we made a commitment to save all of our new sales tax funds to pave or overlay one full mile of roadway a year.   Our goal for this next meeting is to make good on that commitment, to present the current funds, personnel, and equipment available to the district for this purpose; and then review the several candidate projects submitted for public review and discussion.  We will also be discussing the status of other road paving projects in the district.  We will achieve our goal by establishing a numerical priority of candidate projects along with an estimated budget and level of effort for the first project.

Our residents have selected their candidate “first mile” of road in District 1 that is in the greatest need of asphalt paving or repaving.  Come join the discussion this Tuesday December 8, 2015, at 6:30 PM as we will hold our District 1 “Save to Pave” town hall meeting at the Chisolm Springs Event Center 7479 W. Simpson Rd.

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